Clarissa Jones



Clarissa Jones



Place of Origin:

Stonehauser Medical Station

Braxiatel Collection

First Mentioned In:

Christmas Spirit


The Doomsday Manuscript
The Squire’s Crystal
The Tree of Life
The Fall
Death of the Daleks
Careless Talk
The Garden of Whispers
Drinking with the Enemy
Lockdown Conversations: 4

Main Voice Actor:

Beverley Cressman


Clarissa Jones was Irving Braxiatel’s personal assistant on the Braxiatel Collection. A stern woman with a heart of steel, she was responsible for many administrative tasks to keep the Collection running on a day to day basis, although she did have a s oft spot for Bernice Summerfield and particularly Wolsey. (The Doomsday Manuscript)

Miss Jones was a key member of the Braxiatel Collection’s administration up to and including its occupation by the Fifth Axis. During the occupation she fell in love with Lt Bernard Mosk of and was labelled a collaborator by the resistance. (Life During Wartime) After the occupation was over, she struggled to readjust to life in the Collection, leading to Braxiatel attempting to cheer her up with a short romance with Ronan McGinley. (A Life Worth Living) She had a weakness for attractive men, including Dominic Troy, which Benny used as an advantage when stuck in Dominic’s body to gain access to the Mansionhouse. (The Squire’s Crystal)

Clarissa disapproved of the way Bernice seemed to abandon her son Peter Summerfield. (The Tree of Life) Eventually she snapped, kidnapped Peter and fled the Collection with him in tow. She was chased by Bernice, Adrian and Jason Kane and shot down by Bev Tarrant. (Parallel Lives)

Before her death Braxiatel revealed to Bernice that Clarissa Jones was from the future. During the Draconian-Mim war Jason Kane found her body had been recovered from the Stonehauser Medical Facility, which had been destroyed. The war was itself an alteration to the timeline, and should not have occurred. Jason Kane theorised that Braxiatel had organised her death (twice) to prevent her pointing out how he was altering history. (Freedom of Information, The End of the World)

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