Full Circle

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Doctor Who Full Circle


Pages 123
ISBN 0-426-20150-7
Publication Date 16 September 1982


Romana has been recalled to Gallifrey by the Time Lords – a summons that cannot be ignored, despite her extreme reluctance to give up the freedom and excitement life as the Doctor’s companion has brought.

The time travellers’ course is set, the flight path is clear, estimated time of arrival on Gallifrey is in thirty-two minutes – then the unexpected happens…

The full significance of their temporary loss of control over the TARDIS is only gradually brought home to the Doctor
For it is not on Gallifrey that they land but on the terror planet Alzarius, and at a time when the legendary Mistfall comes again – when the giant scaly creatures that inhabit the planet’s swamps leave the marshes and go on the rampage, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake…



  • Prologue

  1. ‘I Have Lost Control of the TARDIS’
  2. ‘I’m an Elite’
  3. ‘Master — Alert’
  4. ‘We’re Taking Over Your Ship’
  5. ‘We Don’t Know What’s Out There’
  6. ‘You Will Answer the Questions, Doctor’
  7. ‘A Little Patience Goes a Long Way’
  8. ‘I am Beginning Surgery’
  9. ‘One Secret Our Ancestors Kept For Themselves’
  10. ‘We’ve Come Full Circle’
  11. ‘We Cannot Return to Teradon’
  12. ‘We’re Trapped’


  • In Chapter Five, Romana II utters the mild expletive, “Damn”, which assuredly does not happen in the original story. Such language was forbidden of the Doctor and his companions on television at the time.
  • A prologue features the Starliner crashing.
  • The Marshmen dragging outlers under the water as a kind of planetary defense system.
  • Nefred interfaces with the system files.
  • The Doctor tries to save the marshchild after failing to save a”witch” from being burnt.
  • An additional scene features a spider jumping from K9’s headless body onto The Doctor’s face.

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