Place of Origin:



The Robots of Death

Main Actor:

Rob Edwards


Chub was a member of the crew of Storm Mine 4, a government meteorologist who was only on board to study the sandstorms. After talking to Borg about a robot who broke the bones of Millisa Borrington during a massage, he left to get some equipment to send up in one of his weather balloons. When he could not get his instrument pack out because it was jammed in at the back, he called for a robot to help him with it. The robot responded by strangling him to death, making him their first victim. Poul found his body. Later, when Leela wandered away from the Fourth Doctor, she saw a pairof robots take his body to a special place.

According to Captain Uvanov, he belonged to one of the Founding Families of the company.

Borg never liked him and considered him an annoyance. Uvanov was not particularly fond of him either. (The Robots of Death)

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