Children of the Circus

Children of the Circus
Children of the Circus


Once upon a time, there was a circus. A Psychic Circus, to be precise. A glorious haven for the misfits of the universe. But then, as is so often the way, it was hijacked by a trio of malevolent Gods. Things grew unpleasant. Now, years later, the Gods are gone, but the scars of those who survived the Circus remain. After all, you can’t change the past. Unless you’re the Children of the Circus… and you’re willing to sing. Children of the Circus is a brand-new story based on the final serial of the 25th series of Doctor Who: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (written by Stephen Wyatt). The original serial was first broadcast on the BBC between the 14th of December 1988 and the 4th of January 1989 and featured Sylvester McCoy as Doctor Who, alongside Sophie Aldred as his companion, Ace. With fans often citing the story as one of their favourites, viewers were introduced to such memorable characters as Bellboy (Christopher Guard), Flowerchild (Dee Sadler), Deadbeat (Chris Jury) and the Ringmaster (Ricco Ross). This book is an adaptation of the 2023 audio play Children of the Circus, written by Kenton Hall and based on an idea by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, with kind permission of Stephen Wyatt. Remaining true to the canon of the Whoniverse, this fantastic story puts Bellboy right back in the heart of the action – and he is still haunted by the fate of his star-crossed lover, Flowerchild. But is she really gone forever? And how did he escape his own deathly fate?


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