Chief Strategist



Chief Strategist



Affiliated With:

New Dalek Paradigm

Place of Origin:



The Only Good Dalek


The Chief Strategist was a high-ranking Strategist Dalek and leader of the Dalek platoon on a mission to destroy Station 7 and the “Abomination”, with several other Strategists, scientists and Drones under its leadership during in 41st century in a war against humanity and New Dalek Paradigm. It was connected to its command ship via numerous wires and cables, fitted to the sense globes of its base unit, that interfaced the Chief Strategist into the computers, and even allowed it to see the battle from the point of view of the drones fighting.

It came up with the strategy to lull the humans on the space station into a false sense of security because the scientists on the station had come up with the practical theory they could take control of a Dalek, unaware the mutants could bypass it telekinetically.

The Chief Strategist was destroyed on planet Strantana below the station by a deliberate volcanic eruption planned by the Eleventh Doctor and allies. (The Only Good Dalek) When The Daleks reintroduced the bronze casing for standard Dalek foot soldiers, a Black Dalek took up a similar role to the Chief Strategist. (The Dalek Project)

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