Chessene of the Franzine Grig

The Two DoctorsChessene of the Franzine Grig



Chessene of the Franzine Grig



Affiliated with:

Space Station Camera


The Two Doctors

Main Actor:

Jacqueline Pearce


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Chessene of the Franzine Grig was an Androgum servitor working on board Space Station Camera.


Chessene was the station chatelaine. She was likewise a subject of Dastari’s trial expansions, which made her humanoid. Subsequent to getting to be enlarged, Chessene showed immense insight and picked up the ability to peruse both living and dead personalities. Her harsh Androgum highlights relaxed to human-like in appearance, yet she held her savage Androgum senses and inclinations, with both the Second and Sixth Doctors perceiving the risk she acted even like Dastari expelled their worries, thinking about her his most noteworthy work.


Chessene had made an arrangement to pick up a time machine through experimentation on Time Lords. She made a concurrence with a gathering of some Sontarans who instantly touched base on Camera and murdered everybody separated from her, Dastari and individual Androgum Shockeye of the Quawncing Grig. They likewise neglected to murder The Doctor’s sidekick Jamie McCrimmon, who had the option to cover up on the station until he was saved by the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown when they landed at the station later. Chessene headed out to Spain where they utilized the hostage Second Doctor to look for the capacity of time travel which she and Dastari accepted was situated in a Time Lord’s Symbiotic cores. Chessene executed the other Sontarans with coronic corrosive when they were no further use.

She changed the arrangement so The Doctor would be transformed into an Androgum and disclose to her where his advantageous cores was situated, just as enabling her to utilize him as her partner.  At the point when The Doctor got away with Shockeye, Chessene tailed him into the town region and inevitably discovered them, yet by that point the fake enlargement had worn off and The Doctor had been protected by some other Time Lord (obscure to Chessene, his 6th manifestation). In spite of the fact that she endeavored to drive them to complete the Kartz-Reimer module, the future Doctor had the option to deceive them by making a connection that would just enable the machine to work once.

At the point when Chessene tumbled to the ground to lick up a fallen example of Time Lord blood after Shockeye injured him in a battle, Dastari was compelled to perceive reality of The Doctors’ prior admonitions that Chessene’s major nature stayed unaltered, and provoking him to discharge the hostage Second Doctor and Peri. Offended at his disloyalty, Chessene murdered Dastari, yet was hence incapacitated by Jamie. She endeavored to escape in the module, yet it detonated when she attempted to dematerialise, slaughtering her. In death she came back to her ordinary Androgum structure. (The Two Doctors)

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