Charles Cranleigh

Black Orchid



Charles Cranleigh



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Black Orchid


The Sands of Time

Main Actor:

Michael Cochrane


Charles, Lord Cranleigh was the son of Madge, Lady Cranleigh, the younger brotherof George Cranleigh and the fiancé and later husband of Ann Talbot.

George was a skilled cricket player and asked for a doctor who worked for his old school friend Smutty Thomas to help him win a game at his family’s estate Cranleigh Hall in Oxfordshire on 11 June 1925. He did not get the doctor whom he had wanted but found the Fifth Doctor to be an excellent substitute. After two of his servants had been murdered, he mistakenly believed that The Doctor was responsible since he refused to identify himself, but apologised afterwards.

He believed his brother to be long dead but found him mentally and physically scarred by ignorant natives in the jungle where the black orchid had been found. He offered The Doctor the gift of a book on the flower after George’s funeral. (Black Orchid)

He and Ann were married in 1926. The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka attended the reception at Cranleigh Hall. (The Sands of Time)

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