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Cecelia Pollard



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A Blind Eye

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India Fisher


Cecelia Eriphyle “Sissy” Pollard was the third daughterof Lord Richard and Lady Louisa Pollard and younger sister of Peggy and Charley.


Cecelia was born to Lord Richard and Lady Louisa Pollard (Neverland) and had two elder sisters, Peggy and Charley. (Echoes, A Blind Eye) She was known as Sissy. The Girl Who Never Was)

When Sissy was thirteen, Richard took heron a fox hunt. She enjoyed the blood and gore and Charley believed that this changed her. (The Next Life) She was part of a badminton group, made up of people that Charley described as the most ghastly people she had ever met. (The Viyran Solution)


Sissy joined the League of English Fascists and met Adolf Hitler. (A Blind Eye) Because of her pro-fascist views, Richard and Louise cut contact with her. By November 1936, they had not spoken for years. (The Fall of the House of Pollard)

In the original timeline, Sissy committed suicide by shooting herself in the head in Munich to protest the beginning of World War II. Using a fake telegram from Charley, who had been missing for a number of years, Celestial Intervention Agency agent Torvald lured Sissy to Switzerland and thus avoided her death, intending to make her a temporal anomaly to release anti-time to blackmail Romana II.

On 1 September 1939, a meeting with Leela made Sissy realise that her blind eye to the Nazis’ crimes made her just as liable as them. Sissy shot herself in this new timeline after writing a farewell letter to Charley. (A Blind Eye)


Sissy was racist, classist and a Nazi sympathiser. She believed that beautiful things should be preserved, justifying keeping different people apart. She believed that World War II would be futile, shooting herself in an attempt to convince Germany and the United Kingdom of this. In the timeline created by Torvald’s intervention, she was forced to re-evaluate her views and her dismissal of the death and suffering caused by those who shared them. (A Blind Eye)

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