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Catherine Harries



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The Banquo Legacy


Catherine Harries was the sister of Richard Harries.


Richard and Catherine were blackmailing George Wallace over an affair with his maid, Beryl Green and Gordon Seavers over his publishing of someone else’s work in his name. Their blackmailing of Seavers led to him committing suicide.


Catherine came to Banquo Manor with Susan Seymour; she participated in her brothers experiments. Richard and Catherine donned headpieces, intending to share thoughts. The machine overloaded and Catherine fell unconscious; Richard was killed. John Hopkinson freed Catherine from the machine, saving her life. George Wallace had her sedated as she became anguished.

At night she awoke to the sound of movement in her room; she did not move for fear of alerting the intruder. She told Inspector Ian Stratford, telling him she felt safer by his presence.

Richards’s re-animated corpse chased them through the house; they barricaded themselves in Hopkinson’s room. Dr. Friedlander thought Catherine had linked with Richard while she was unconscious and that the killings were her wish to protect his honour. She agreed and halted Harries by thinking hard.

Catherine followed Ian, John, Baker and Friedlander when they went to get chain to tie up Richard. She told them she was consciously controlling Harries in the killings, that she was connected to him and that she would now kill them. Baker knocked herover and they barricaded herout.

Catherine used Richard to break into the room from outside while she waited in another room. Ian opened the door and she shot him in the shoulder; he survived. Catherine had Harries blind Simpson, they then escaped through a window and she had him chase Friedlander and Hopkinson.

When Harries broke into the drawing room she also entered. She ordered Harries to kill Susan, he hesitated but eventually complied, trying to throttle her. He was pulled free and Susan fell unconscious. Harries then attacked Baker who stuffed dynamite in the corpse’s pockets. Harries was again pulled away, however Catherine fired at Baker twice hitting him in the back and head, killing him.

John threw a lamp at Harries igniting the dynamite and blowing him apart. Enraged she threatened Susan but Harries’ dismembered arm grabbed her leg. The shock of realisation that her brother loved Susan more caused her to frantically shoot the arm. Hopkinson wrestled her for the gun and it went of, killing her. (The Banquo Legacy)


Catherine was driven mad in the belief that Susan would take Richard away from her. She held him as the only man she ever loved. Catherine was angered when Susan told her that Richard had loved her more. When his arm attacked her to save Susan she knew it to be true. Before she died Friedlander told her that he was trying to save her from herself. (The Banquo Legacy)

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