Castle of Fear

Castle of Fear
Castle of Fear

Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), John Sessions (Roland of Brittany/Mummer), Joe Thomas (Hubert, Earl of Mummerset/Mummer), Richard Cotton (Osbert/Mummer/Yokel/Demon), Susan Brown (Maud the Withered/Yokel), Teddy Kempner (Yavuz/Mummer/Yokel/Demon), Trevor Cooper (Smithy/Mummer)


1199: Returning from the Crusades, Hubert, the new Earl of Mummerset, comes to take possession of Stockbridge Castle, his ancestral home. The only trouble is, in his absence, demons took possession of his Castle…

1899: The Stockbridge mummers’ play takes a wholly unexpected turn, when the Dragon slays St George.

These events are not unconnected, The Doctor and Nyssa discover. There’s an alien presence squatting in Stockbridge Castle, and it’s their job to expose it. If Turkish knights, killer boars and a gang of rogue paladins don’t stop them first…



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  • Castle of Fear was the one hundred and twenty-seventh monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. It was the first in a series of three linked audio stories centred around the village of Stockbridge.
  • The Doctor mentions Jingo Linx and Irongron. He theorises that Linx may have arrived in 13th century England as he was tracking the Rutan. (The Time Warrior)
  • The Fourth Doctor and Leela previously encountered the Rutans on Fang Rock in the 1900s. (Horror of Fang Rock)
  • The Doctor refers to his meeting with Richard the Lionheart in Palestine during the Third Crusade in the 1190s. (The Crusade)
  • Nyssa tells The Doctor she doesn’t want to go to 21st century Stockbridge because seeing Andrew would be awkward.
  • The Doctor additionally suggests that Linx followed the Rutan to Earth.
  • Rutansare from Ruta III, an ice world. They do not like the heat.
  • The Rutan aimed to create a clone factory, creating clones of Rutans whilst in human form. Subsequently, several members of the community of Stockbridge had elements of Rutan genetics in their bodies following one of the clones escaping.
  • A Mummerset black is a type of boar.

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