Carnival of Monsters Novel Reading

Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters
Carnival of Monsters Novel Reading


Audio reading of Terrance Dicks’ 1977 novelisation. Was due out on Dec 2013, but delayed for almost a year after AudioGO entered administration in late 2013

The Doctor and Jo take the TARDIS on a test flight. They arrive on a cargo ship, the SS Bernice, that appears to be crossing the Indian Ocean in 1926 but is in fact trapped inside a miniscope – a banned peepshow of miniaturised life-forms – on the planet Inter Minor.

They enter another section of the scope but find themselves confronted by ferocious Drashigs. The Doctor eventually breaks out of the scope and returns to full size. The device is owned by a pair of Lurman entertainers, Vorg and Shirna, who hope to make a quick profit from Inter Minor’s hitherto reclusive natives.

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Time placement between The Three Doctors and Frontier in Space
A novelisation of this serial, written by Terrance Dicks, was published by Target Books in January 1977.
Working titles for this story included Peepshow. This story was recorded as part of the production block for the previous season but deliberately held over for Season Ten.


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