Captain Parlos



Captain Parlos

Place of Origin:



Police officer


Daughter of the Gods

Main Voice Actor:

Laura Elphinstone


In an alternate timeline, Captain Parlos was in charge of the Urbinian security officers during the Harvest of Urbinia.

Parlos resided in Kiria City, Urbinia’s capital, where she worked to keep the peace. When the First Doctor’s TARDIS became stranded on the planet, instead of travelling to Kembel, The Doctor got a chance to know Parlos, as well as the other leading Urbinian figures, in the three months he stayed there. Parlos attended Chancellor Atrias’ birthday party alongside The Doctor and members of the scientific community.

The morning after the party, Parlos summoned The Doctor before Chancellor Atrias after the Daleks attacked Urbinia’s neighbouring planet Baralda with the Time Destructor. When Atrias unhesitatingly agreed to surrender to the Dalek Supreme and tried to flee the planet, Parlos and the Doctor, disgusted by Atrias’ cowardice and poor leadership, took charge in his place and organised a planet-wide evacuation.

Parlos and herofficers attempted to keep the crowds orderly as they were directed towards the city’s space port but this was not so easily managed; The Dalek Fleet’s preliminary bombardment caused panic among both civilians and guards. Parlos became increasingly frustrated and snapped at the newly-arrived Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot for simply gawking at the crowds. She tried to apprehend Jamie when he refused to cooperate but he overpowered her and ran off in the opposite direction.

Parlos engaged The Dalek ground forces when the first saucers landed in the city but the First Doctor advised against this because of the risk of the Daleks deploying the Time Destructor. He instead instructed Parlos to lure them away from the space port. When The Daleks moved to capture the two Doctors in the Council Chamber, Parlos’s team arrived again and distracted The Daleks, allowing The Doctors to escape to the space port.

Parlos and her forces were ultimately fought back through the city of the Daleks surrounded the space port. The Second Doctor offered a chance for him to undo the invasion altogether and asked Parlos to distract The Daleks so he could return to his TARDIS. Parlos engaged The Daleks one last time. She was killed in the fighting.

The Second Doctor was able to prevent the initial collision which directed the First Doctor away from Kembel. The latter Doctor prevented the development of the Time Destructor and the timeline reset. (Daughter of the Gods)

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