Captain Chin Lee

The Mind of Evil



Captain Chin Lee



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Mind of Evil


Open the Box

Main Actor:

Pik-Sen Lim


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Captain Chin Lee was a Chinese army officer and General Cheng Teik’s aide when he was the Chinese delegate to the World Peace Conference.

While at an embassy reception, she met The Master, who was posing as Professor Emil Keller, and accepted his invitation to see the Keller Machine at Stangmoor Prison. While there, he hypnotised her and used her to sabotage the conference, including stealing and destroying state documents, killing the General and attempting to kill Senator Alcott. After the Third Doctor stopped her from killing the senator, he questioned her and learned of The Master’s connection. (The Mind of Evil)

Years later she created the Pandora Institute, which was intended to open up the self. She had a session with Kate Stewart who told her that the purpose of her treatment. Kate told her that she knew of her former life. She wanted Kate to forget her past and concentrate on what she was doing now. She was interested in social care. She told Kate that The Master had more of his Keller Machines, and she took care of the embryos. She treated it with compassion, and engaged with him. She didn’t realised that she had one of the transceiver disks attached to her. She suggested showing the creature its own reflection. After the creature died she went to pay respects to it. Kate thought that UNIT should have done more to help Chin Lee after she left The Master’s influence. (Open the Box)

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