Captain Catchlove

Empress of MarsCaptain Catchlove



Captain Catchlove

Main Actor:

Ferdinand Kingsley



Affiliated With:

British Army


Empress of Mars

Main Actor:

Ferdinand Kingsley


I daresay the British Army is more than a match for a bunch of upright crocodiles!

Confident and brash Captain Catchlove is the epitome of a swaggering British Army Redcoat. With a winning smile and an ego to match, Catchlove was persuaded to join Godsacre’s unbelievable expedition to Mars forone reason alone: loot. Catchlove is motivated by the prospect of getting rich quick and he doesn’t care what he has to do or who he has to betray to make it so. Luckily, his knowledge of Godsacre’s desertedition allows him to blackmail the Colonel for a place aboard ‘Friday’s’ ship. Catchlove often steps outside of the chain of command and undermines Godsacre, who he regards as nothing more than a weak coward, to try and achieve what he wants.

Catchlove distrusts The Doctor and loathes his assumed authority more than anyone. Once the Gargantua uncovers the sleeping Iraxxa and the rest of ‘Friday’s’ Ice Warrior hive, it isn’t long before Catchlove resolves to simply fight his way out and escape Mars as wealthy as possible. When the battle inevitably fails to go the Victorian soldiers’ way, he is the first to turn his back on his comrades and escape on ‘Friday’s’ ship, planning to leave the rest to rot. Only a true act of heroism from Godsacre prevents Catchlove from succeeding and ultimately brokers a truce between the Ice Warriors and the humans. Catchlove is killed in the subterranean caverns of Mars.

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