Build High for Happiness

Build High for Happiness
Build High for Happiness


Note: Anthology of short stories set in Paradise Towers, the futuristic apartment block seen in the 1987 Doctor Who TVstory of the same name.

Cover blurb:

“Like Doctor Who itself, Paradise Towers has had a bumpy ride. Those who like it, like it a lot. Those who don’t, loathe it and often voted it one of the worst Doctor Who stories ever written”

Stephen Wyatt, from his introduction

Proving that it’s the fans of the story who have it right, seventeen writers revisit the towers, in everything from drabbles to academic papers to scripted plays, demonstrating that the world Stephen created over thirty years ago remains one of the most fascinating and well rounded in the history of Doctor Who.


Introduction by Stephen Wyatt
Territory by Courtney Milnestein
Doris by Jenny Shirt
C5 by Iain McLaughlin
Lintel by Rachel Redhead
A Cup of Sugar by Paul Magrs
Damaged Goods by Stuart Douglas
Trank Tank by John Peel
One Hundred And One Floors by Niki Haringsma
The Queen in Yellow by Ian Potter
Let Them Eat by Kara Dennison
Happiness by Dale Smith
Lift 394B by Philip Marsh
The Secret Life of Caretaker Number 112 Stroke 9 Subsection 7 by Stephen Wyatt
Tricks And Treats by Alistair Stuart
When Johnny Comes Marching Home by Simon Bucher-Jones
Reclaiming Kroagnon by James Cooray Smith
Pex Strikes! by Sean Mason


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