The Crimes of Thomas Brewster

The Crimes of Thomas Brewster
The Crimes of Thomas Brewster

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Maggie Stables (Evelyn), John Pickard (Thomas Brewster), Anna Hope (DI Menzies), David Troughton (Raymond Gallagher), Ashley Kumar (Jared), Lisa Greenwood (Philippa), Duncan Wisbey (Sergeant Bradshaw), Helen Goldwyn (Terravore Queen)


Sent down south to assist the Metropolitan Police in their efforts to investigate the gangland kingpin known only as ‘The Doctor’, Detective-Inspector Patricia Menzies finds herself up to her neck in laser-armed robot mosquitoes, gun-running criminal overlords, vanishing Tube trains. and not one, but two Doctors.

Meanwhile the real Doctor, and his academic assistant Professor Evelyn Smythe, have become ensnared in the machinations of an old acquaintance – time-travelling Victorian guttersnipe Thomas Brewster. But what’s Brewster’s connection to the rapacious robot Terravores? And can anyone contain the gathering swarm?



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  • The Crimes of Thomas Brewster was the one hundred and forty-third monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions
  • Menzies compares the interior of the TARDIS to “Captain Kirk’s ship.” She asks why the TARDIS console room does not have any chairs. The Doctor responds:
  • “Detective Inspector, may I tell you something and I can’t stress this enough: I am not Captain Kirk.”
  • Evelyn refers to Brewster’s Edwardian garb as being reminiscent of the I drama series Brideshead Revisited whereas Jared refers to him as Caractacus Pott, the main characterof the musical film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • Jared mentions Call of Duty and Avatar.
  • Flip’s ringtone is Pokerface by Lady Gaga.
  • The Locus tells The Doctor that all life on Symbios exist in symbiosis, hence the name of the planet.
  • A future incarnation of the Doctorsaved Symbios from the Drahvins at a considerablyearlier point in the planet’s history.
  • While in possession of Evelyn, the Locus tells The Doctor that it infuses every living thing on Symbios with life and therefore nothing ever dies on the planet.
  • While being interviewed by Menzies, Evelyn tells her that The Doctor’s name is”Dr. John Smith.”

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