The Brain of Morbius

The Brain of Morbius DVDThe Brain of Morbius DVD


Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Number: BBCDVD1816
Certification: 12
Duration: 99 minutes
Release Date: 21 July 2008


The planet Karn is home both to a mystic Sisterhood, whose sacred flame produces an elixir of life, and to Mehendri Solon, a fanatical scientist who is using the remnants of spaceship crash victims to put together a new body for the still-living brain of the executed Time Lord criminal Morbius.

When The Doctor and Sarah arrive on the planet, solon decides that The Doctor’s head is just what he needs to complete his work. The Sisterhood meanwhile fear that The Doctor has been sent by the Time Lords to steal the last drops of elixir produced by the dying flame. They kidnap him and plan to burn him at the stake but he is rescued by Sarah, who is temporarily blinded in the process

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Special Features

  • Commentary by actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen and Philip Madoc, director Christopher Barry and producer Philip Hinchcliffe.
  • Brendan Sheppard has produced four features for the disc.
  • In ‘Getting a Head’ (dur. 32’04”), cast and production team recall the making of the story. Featuring director Christopher Barry, producer Philip Hinchcliffe, writer Terrance Dicks, designer Barry Newbery, composer Dudley Simpson, actors Philip Madoc, Cynthia Grenville, Colin Fay and Gillian Brown. Narrated by Paul McGann.
  • ‘Designs on Karn’ (dur. 6’08”) features designer Barry Newbery talking about his work realising an alien planet in a Gothic style.
  • Based on the story’s studio floorplans, Set Tour (dur. 2’10”) offers a unique look inside the TVstudio in the form of a 3D CGI tourof TC1 at Television Centre, showing how the various sets were constructed and arranged.
  • ‘The Sketch Gallery’ (dur. 2’22) showcases original design sketches plus new concept artwork used in the DVD features.And as usual there’s the Photo Gallery, Coming Soon trailer, Radio Times Billings PDF, Programme subtitles and Subtitle Production Notes, plus a couple of goodies to keep you Easter Egg hunters happy.

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