The Wrath of the Iceni

Main Voice Actor:

Nia Roberts


Bragnar was an Iceni cook. In 60, she overheard the Fourth Doctor and Leela talking about Boudica’s coming defeat while taking them food. The Doctor told her that it was true and she believed him. Bragnar left the camp with him as The Doctor was unwilling to alter history, but hoped to save one person.

They were recaptured and imprisoned. They played I-spy to pass the time. Boudica threatened to kill Bragnar, to cut her open and read the future in her entrails, if The Doctor did not reveal his prophecy of the future. To save her life, he told Boudica a lie.

Leela gave The Doctor a knife and, while the Iceni were attacking Camulodunon, The Doctor and Bragnar escaped. They followed Boudica in order to rescue Leela. Bragnar saved The Doctor’s life by killing Caedmon while he was in the act of attacking the Time Lord.

With Leela, Rhe Doctor and Bragnar left Camulodunon. She travelled with them back to The Doctor’s TARDIS, again playing I spy, and listened to The Doctor’s tale of Boudica’s eventual fate. She watched as the TARDIS dematerialised and told her children of this. Bragnar taught them to remember the Iceni as they were rather than what they became, and told them of Boudica, Leela, and the Doctor. (The Wrath of the Iceni)

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