First Seen In:

The Infinite Quest

Other Appearances:

Sonic Sleuth


Bouken was a large, sandy world under human control. By the 40th century, large qualities of oil were discovered underneath the surface.

Oil Corp began drilling on the planet using large mobile oil rigs. To make the planet warm enough for human workers, two artificial suns were placed in its system in addition to the single natural sun.

Captain Kaliko and her crew on the Black Gold also wanted the oil, by bringing down the rigs using ropes, as they and others like them couldn’t afford Oil Corp’s prices. (The Infinite Quest)

After his arrest by the Judoon, Androvax had acquired a disk from a Bouken pirate he met on a swamp prison planet in the Calysteral cluster. He could use to enter the Vault on Earth owned by the Alliance of Shades. (The Vault of Secrets)

Strax and the Eleventh Doctor played mini-golf on Bouken. The Doctor claimed he won all three rounds. He later returned to Bouken with Amy Pond While searching for his sonic screwdriver and opened the doorof the TARDIS to reveal that Strax was still there, angrily waving a golf club at him. (Sonic Sleuth)


“Bouken” is the Japanese word for “adventure”.

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