Revelation of the Daleks

Main Actor:

John Ogwen


Bostock was the squire to Orcini of the Grand Order of Oberon.

Bostock had infallible instincts and the only time that Orcini didn’t listen to him resulted in Orcini getting an artificial leg as a result. Bostock did as little about his personal hygiene as possible, leading to him having what Orcini described as an unpleasant smell.

Though Orcini believed that people should be honourable, Bostock believed that things should just be done, as when Orcini insisted on using his weapon which jammed during its last use and Bostock insisted on using a pistol.

Bostock and Orcini were hired by Kara to assassinate the Great Healer. They broke into Tranquil Repose on Necros and tried to kill Davros. When they destroyed a”fake Davros”, the real Davros revealed himself to them and they came under attack from his Imperial Daleks they were both wounded.

Bostock tried one final time to kill Davros, but only shot his hand. Davros screamed in pain as a Dalek exterminated Bostock. Orcini, using the bomb given to him by Kara, who had told him it was a transmitter, triggered an explosion While holding Bostock’s body, destroying the catacombs of Tranquil Repose of the Daleks in hibernation. (Revelation of the Daleks)

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