Black Orchid DVD



Black Orchid


Number of DVDs 1
DVD Number BBCDVD2432
Certification PG
Duration 50 minutes


Landing in Cranleigh Halt in England in 1925, the Doctor and his companions receive a warm reception from the local inhabitants and an invitation to a masked ball At The house of Lady Cranleigh and her son Charles. It is there that Nyssa discovers her startling resemblance to Charles’ fiancee Ann. Then events take a more sinister turn when Ann is attacked and two servants murdered. Will the Doctor and his companions stand accused of murder?

Black Orchid DVD Episode entry

Special Features

  • Now & Then – The Locations of Black Orchid (disc 1)
  • Doctor Who – coming soon to dvd… – The Invasion of Time
  • Black Orchid – photo gallery
  • Deleted scene 1
  • Deleted scene 2
  • Deleted scene 3
  • Deleted scene 4
  • easter egg
  • Black Orchid – film restoration
  • Blue Peter item
  • Points of View
  • Stripped for Action – story of doctor who comics – the fifth doctor
  • Doctor who – Back Orchid – part one (audio commentary)
  • Doctor who – Black Orchid – part two (audio commentary)

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