The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel
The Blue Angel


This is a story about Winter…

As The Doctor becomes involved in affairs aboard the Federation Starship Nepotist, his old friend Iris Wildthyme is rescuing old ladies who are being attacked by savage owls in a shopping mall.

And, in a cat’s cradle of interdimensional Corridors lies the Valcean City of Glass, whose King Dedalus awaits the return of his Angel son and broods over the oncoming war…


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  • The Blue Angel was the twenty-seventh BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures. It was written by Paul Magrs and Jeremy Hoad. It was the first novel to feature Compassion as a companion along side Fitz Kreiner and the Doctor. This novel also featured the second appearance in the EDAs of Iris Wildthyme.
  • The Blue Angel’s chapters contains instances of metafiction. The chapters which seem to take place within the Obverse reference fictional events as fiction and ask questions about the link between ‘reality’ and ‘fiction’ within its own fictional universe.
  • The Doctorrecalls kissing Grace Holloway in San Francisco. (The TV Movie)
  • Daedalus knows that The Doctor once had the chance to avert the Daleks’ creation. (Genesis of the Daleks)

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