Blood of the Daleks

Blood of the Daleks Blood of the Daleks
Blood of the Daleks



Paul McGann (The Doctor), Sheridan Smith (Lucie MillerThe Daleks)


An excellent jumping-on point for new listeners… Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor starts another phase of his adventures with a brand new companion (Lucie Miller – played by the award-winning Sheridan Smith) and an all-star supporting cast. Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 7…

“People of Red Rocket Rising, my fellow citizens. Our long night is over. I’ve been contacted by a benevolent people. They too have known great trials, but they have overcome them and made it their mission to help others do the same. They have offered us refuge, and passage to the nearest human worlds. They have the resources, and the patience and compassion, to evacuate every one of us. My fellow citizens, my friends, rescue is at hand!”


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