The Doctor The Widow and the Wardrobe







The Doctor, Widow and the Wardrobe

Main Actor:

Arabella Weir


Billis was one of the harvest rangers on a snowy planet in 5345.

Billis, Ven-Garr, and Droxil caught Madge Arwell in the forest, and Billis identified her as a time traveller. When Droxil tried to interrogate her, Madge pretended to cry. She thought it was questionable to shoot or interrogate her, so Droxil agreed to put down his weapon.

All three were caught off guard when Madge aimed her revolver at them. She took them prisoner, handcuffing Droxil and Ven-Garr to poles inside their Androzani harvester but allowing Billis to help her with the scanner. Madge tried to get Billis to steer the Harvester to where her children were, but she didn’t know how to drive it. The three rangers were teleported to safety, leaving Madge onboard the Harvester. (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)


  • The names Ven-Garr and Billis closely resemble the names of Piers Wenger and Beth Willis, who were author Steven Moffat’s co-executive producers during series 5 and 6 of Doctor Who.
  • Prior to being cast as Billis, Arabella Weir portrayed a parallel universe’s Doctor in the audio drama Exile, becoming of the first women to officially take on the part of the Doctor.
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