The Early Adventures: The Black Hole

The Early Adventures: The Black Hole
The Early Adventures: The Black Hole

Regular Cast

Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon/The Doctor), Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield), Rufus Hound (Constable Pavo), Janet Dibley (Commander Flail), Anthony Keetch (The Seeth). Narrated by David Warner.


On a research station near a black hole, time keeps standing still. Investigating the phenomenon, The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria discover a power far greater than any of the monsters that have challenged them on their travels… The Doctor’s own people.

With the safety of thousands balancing out the need to flee, and a policeman from his home planet working at his side, The Doctor reluctantly finds himself involved in a race against time.

But nothing is ever as simple as it appears. And if you can use The Doctor’scompassion against him, you have the makings of a perfect trap…


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Pavo says he has previously disguised himself as a policeman, an emperor and a host over the centuries.
Pavo is able to regenerate into a female form. (The Doctor’s Wife, Dark Water, Hell Bent, Twice Upon a Time)
Janet Dibley is married to Tyler Butterworth, whose father Peter Butterworth played the Monk in The Time Meddler and The Daleks’ Master Plan.
The Doctor’s companions tease at how he landed the TARDIS the correct way up this time. The console room is still a mess from the previous landing. (The Ice Warriors)

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