The Black Guardian

Black Guardian in Enlightenment



The Black Guardian


Guardians of Time

Played By:

Valentine Dyall, David Troughton

Place of Origin:

unknown (outside time)






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The Black Guardian, also known as the Guardian of Darkness and Chaos, was an anthropomorphic personification of the forces opposed to the powers of light, as embodied by the White Guardian.

The Guardians were physical embodiments of good and evil, light and dark, calm and chaos. The White Guardian foresaw that the universe was on the verge of descending into the chaos that his opposite, the Black Guardian craved. He summoned The Doctor, setting him on a quest to find the Key to Time, a device separated into six disguised segments. Once placed together, the Key would literally stop the Universe for a few seconds, enabling the White Guardian to restore the balance.

The Black Guardian played some part in the concept of vampires, seeing their potential as creatures of chaos. He was somehow responsible for the law of vampires not becoming “true” vampires until a full moon. (Goth Opera)

On one occasion, The Doctor referred to beings sometimes known as”a” Black Guardian, implying that there could be more than one. (The Stones of Blood)

When The Doctor finally assembled the Key, in The Armageddon Factor, however he pretended to be his opposite and asked for the Key. However, his callous disregard for the life of the final segment, Princess Astra, convinced The Doctor that he was the wrong Guardian and so he dispersed the Key again, earning the Black Guardian’s eternal hatred. The Black Guardian later placed Turlough aboard the TARDIS with orders to kill The Doctor, but eventually he rejected the Black Guardian, who was expelled from the Universe. However, the Black Guardian was not destroyed as the White Guardian still existed, dark always necessary to balance the light.

The Black Guardian created an alternate timeline in which the First Doctor had never left Gallifrey, and was now Lord President. However, it also meant that countless aliens had invaded Earth in absence of the Doctorstopping them. The White Guardian sent them on a quest once more for the Key to Time, which could restore the natural timeline. (Time & Time Again)


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