Buried Secrets

Sarah Jane Buried Secrets
Buried Secrets

Regular Cast

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Jeremy James (Josh Townsend), Sadie Miller (Natalie Redfern), Tom Chadbon (Will), Ivor Danvers (Professor Edmons), Daniel Barzotti (Luca), Shaun Ley (Newsreader), with Jon Weinberg, Jacqueline Pearce, David Gooderson, Patricia Leventon and Stephen Greif


Sarah Jane Smith believes her days as a crusading investigator are behind her, safe from those who tried to destroy her. But others believe she has a destiny and they will stop at nothing to prevent her fulfilling it. A trip to Florence to help an old friend leads to the unearthing of a murderous conspiracy buried within the city’s catacombs…



  • Buried Secrets was the first release in the second series of Sarah Jane Smith audio stories produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • Sarah Jane mentions herearlier visit to Antarctica. (The Seeds of Doom)
  • Will Sullivan is Harry Sullivan’s younger half-brother.
  • Hilda Winters wrote a letter to Sarah Jane before she died. In it, she warns Sarah Jane about the Orphans of the Future and that the Book of Tomorrows was opening.


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