After The Daleks

After The Daleks

After The Daleks


Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman), Sean Biggerstaff (David Campbell), Lucy Briers (Jenny Chaplin), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks)


The First Doctor’s granddaughter was left behind on Earth in the wake of the Dalek invasion. Now we find out what happened next…


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In After The Daleks, we discover what happens in the aftermath of the Dalek Invasion of Earth, first broadcast in 1964. Carole Ann Ford reprises heroriginal role as classic companion Susan Foreman, and Lucy Briers (Pride and Prejudice, Emma) steps into her mother Ann Davies’ shoes as Jenny Chaplin, one of the London residents caught up in the chaos.

Producer Alfie Shaw said: “The Dalek Invasion of Earth is a classic Doctor Who story – in both senses of the term – and it is so easy to see why. Nearly fifty years later, the shots of Daleks patrolling around familiar landmarks in London are still such powerful images and continue to be relevant after all this time.

“What’s brilliant about After The Daleks is that we get to learn the consequences of the occupation, the effects it has on those who survive, both as individuals and as a society. The Doctor told Susan to have no regrets or anxieties and to go forward in all her beliefs, but that’s a big thing to ask when she undergoes such a change in her life. She’s no longer a traveller, having to help rebuild what, to her, is an alien society. Roland’s script does a great job of taking the ideas of that speech and testing them against the realities of a post-occupation society that’s full of anxieties and regrets.”

Both of these new Doctor Who – The Early Adventures stories are now available to pre-order as collector’s edition box sets (on CD at £14.99 each) or digital downloads (at £12.99 each), exclusively at the Big Finish website.

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