Project Infinity

Project Infinity
Project Infinity

Regular Cast

Gareth Thomas (Kalendorf), Teresa Gallagher (Mirana), Mark McDonnell (Alby Brook), Joyce Gibbs (The Seer), Simon Bridge (Dr Johnstone), Ian Brooker (Espeelius), Jeremy James (Herrick), David Sax (Tanlee), Nicholas Briggs, Alistair Lock, Steven Allen &, Robert Lock (Daleks)


The Seers of Yaldos have a sad story to tell, but Alby and Kalendorf know they must listen.

Meanwhile, The Daleks seem unconcerned by their recent defeats. They have their sights firmly fixed on Project Infinity. In the hands of the Daleks, the human race’s only hope of victory could signal the destruction of the entire universe.


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  • Project Infinity was the fourth story in the Dalek Empire I audio series produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • Kalendorf believes that the Dalek invasion of Milky Way in 4162 and the subsequent galaxy wide rebellion against the Dalek Empire were both designed to serve as a distraction so that the attention of the Earth Alliance would be diverted away from a single Dalek vessel making its way to the Lopra system, the location of Project Infinity.
  • Special Weapons Daleks are deployed to Lopra Minor to act as ground troops.
  • Suz knew nothing of Project Infinity until it was mentioned to her by the Dalek Emperor.
  • After she was seemingly exterminated on Yaldos, Suz’s body was never found. Tanlee believes that she may have been placed in suspended animation in preparation for robotisation, the first step in converting humans into Daleks.
  • Mirana has been an unwitting agent of the Daleks for the last five years, through a psychotropic link to the cerebral functions of the Dalek Emperor. When Kalendorf announces his intention to travel to the Lopra system to investigate Project Infinity, Mirana shoots him, gravely though not fatally wounding him. He eventually makes a full recovery.
  • After the Dalek psychotropic implant in Mirana’s brain is deactivated, she is left in a coma for five months. She awakens aboard the Earth Alliance battle cruiser
  • Courageous shortly before it arrives in the Lopra system. She maintains the ability to pick up Dalek communications through her implant, one of which states that the Dalek Emperor is on its way aboard the Dalek Imperial Command Ship.
  • In accordance with the Dalek Emperor’s orders, Tanlee intends to convert Alby, Kalendorf and Mirana into Daleks.
  • In a parallel universe, a peaceful and ordered race of Daleks are the supreme beings, havingearned their status by enforcing peace and order throughout their universe rather than by waging waror causing the destruction of other species.

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