Dalek Empire: The Future

Dalek Empire The Future
Dalek Empire: The Future

Regular Cast

David Tennant (Galanar), William Gaunt (Selestru), Ishia Bennison (Frey Saxton), Steven Elder (Siy Tarkov), Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes), Laura Rees (Kaymee), Claudia Elmhirst (Amur), Octavia Walters (Japrice), Peter Forbes (Culver), Oliver Hume (Carneill), Dot Smith (Mivas), Greg Donaldson (Telligan), Karen Henson (Saloran), Dannie Carr (Morli), Jeremy James (Sergic/Snubby), Sean Jackson (Seth), Ian Brooker (Mietok), Jane Goddard (Roozell), Philip Wolff (Chauley), Colin McIntyre (Jake), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks)


We should only be scared of the unknown… And we know what’s going to happen here!”

The Graxis Wardens, Galanar, Elaria and Tarkov are heading for the planet Velyshaa. There, ultimate knowledge, victory or defeat awaits.

But The Dalek Supreme’s forces are in pursuit. They have superior numbers, firepower and technology. And, already, the largest Dalek army history has ever known is being created.

How will history remember these final days on Velyshaa?

Back in the Galactic Union, Bulis Meitok’s people have gone through Giorgi Selestru’s data systems and have found positive pro of that he has been conducting illegal covert ops against the orders of the Union Council. However, they’ve also found positive pro of that everything he told Meitok about Galanar and Tarkov was true. If he is right that the Daleks pose a terrible threat to the Union and Meitok does nothing about it, then the Unedition is doomed — but if he’s wrong and Meitok decides to support him, the consequences could be even worse. Selestru’s future, and the future of the Union, hinge on what Meitok decides to believe.

The human medics on Scalanis 8 are beginning to feel unwell, and when Mevis investigates, she learns that the Healing Zone has been flooded with an exotic type of radiation that the ordinary scanners were unable to detect. The human medical personnel in the Zones are slowly dying… and the patients cured of the NFS plague are changing, as if their very genetic code is being rewritten. Mevis informs Japrice, whose first instinct is to warn The Daleks that something’s going dreadfully wrong — but Mevis has already realised that the Daleks are the ones responsible for this. Japrice tries to demand answers, but The Daleks exterminate both her and Mevis.

Elaria vanishes from the sensors on Ranger 1, and the Graxis Wardens eventually find her hiding in the engine room. Saxton puts her in Galanar’s custody, much to Elaria’s bitter amusement, as she knows that this isn’t what Galanar had hoped for when they were reunited. As far as she’s concerned, he is just fooling himself by pretending to be human. He insists that she can still win back her humanity if she fights for it, but when he asks her what she was doing in the engine room, she admits that she feels comfortable there because it reminds herof the stasis capsules on the Pkowik system. All she wants to do is return to the womb and stop fighting. Galanar reluctantly begins to realise that he and Elaria really are nothing alike, and, disturbed, he decides to speak with Tarkov instead. Tarkov is still somewhat hostile, but he concedes that he can’t spend the entire six-month journey to Velyshaa holed up in his roomat Galanar’s request, Tarkov tells him his story and the story of the Dalek War. Much later, while being interrogated by The Dalek Supreme, Galanar tries to explain that, despite the grim nature of the story and their desperate mission, they were still able to find moments of humour and acknowledge their shared humanity. Odd as it seems, over the next six months, he and Tarkov became friends — and that’s something that Galanar believes The Dalek Supreme will never understand.



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  • The Future was the sixth and final instalment of Dalek Empire III, and the fourteenth release in The Dalek Empire series overall.

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