Dalek Empire: The Survivors

Dalek Empire The Survivors
Dalek Empire: The Survivors

Regular Cast

David Tennant (Galanar), William Gaunt (Selestru), Ishia Bennison (Frey Saxton), Steven Elder, (Siy Tarkov), Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes), Laura Rees (Kaymee), Claudia Elmhirst (Amur), Octavia Walters (Japrice), Peter Forbes (Culver), Oliver Hume (Carneill), Dot Smith (Mivas), Greg Donaldson (Telligan), Karen Henson (Saloran), Dannie Carr (Morli), Jeremy James (Sergic/Snubby), Sean Jackson (Seth), Ian Brooker (Mietok), Jane Goddard (Roozell), Philip Wolff (Chauley), Colin McIntyre (Jake), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks)


“The Daleks wish only to… help you.”

Still, the Galactic Union are blissfully unaware of the Dalek threat. And in the Border Worlds, The Daleks appear to be helping to cure the deadly NFS plague which has claimed millions of lives.

Only the Graxis Wardens know the truth about The Daleks. And they have been all but wiped out.

The Daleks are beginning to show their true colours, but now it may be too late to stop them.



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  • The Survivors was the third instalment of Dalek Empire III, and the eleventh release in the Dalek Empire series overall.
  • Ian Brooker (Bulis Mietok) previously played Drudger in Dalek Empire I and Dalek Empire II: Dalek War.
  • David Sax (Crewman Antani) is a pseudonym of Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks).
  • The Dalek Supreme communicates with The Daleks on Scalanias VIII in the form of a hyperbeam transmission emanating from the Seriphia Galaxy.

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