Dalek Empire The Exterminators

Dalek Empire The Exterminators
Dalek Empire The Exterminators

Regular Cast

David Tennant (Galanar), William Gaunt (Selestru), Ishia Bennison (Frey Saxton), Steven Elder (Siy Tarkov), Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes), Laura Rees (Kaymee), Claudia Elmhirst (Amur), Octavia Walters (Japrice), Peter Forbes (Culver), Oliver Hume (Carneill), Dot Smith (Mivas), Greg Donaldson (Telligan), Karen Henson(Saloran), Dannie Carr (Morli), Jeremy James (Sergic/Snubby), Sean Jackson (Seth), Ian Brooker (Mietok), Jane Goddard (Roozell), Philip Wolff (Chauley), Colin McIntyre(Jake), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks)


at the end of Dalek Empire II: Dalek War…

Galactic Union special envoy Siy Tarkov set off from planet Velyshaa with vital information warning of an imminent Dalek invasion of the galaxy.

Twenty years later… and the only proof Tarkov ever existed is a garbled message, calling for help. But no one is listening.

“…some kind of virus… disease… Am putting myself into cryogenic suspension… Please come… please… vital… The Daleks are… Daleks will conquer, destroy… exterminate–”


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  • The Exterminators was the first instalment of Dalek Empire III, and the ninth release in the Dalek Empire series overall.It described the response of the people of Mutter’s
  • Spiral to an approaching Dalek invasion in the 67th century.
  • David Tennant (Galanar) would later play the Tenth Doctor in the revived series from 2005 to 2010.
  • William Gaunt (Georgi Selestru) previously played Orcini in Revelation of the Daleks.

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