Dalek Empire The Fearless Part Three

Dalek Empire The Fearless Part Three
Dalek Empire The Fearless Part Three

Regular Cast

Maureen O’Brien (Agnes Landen), Noel Clarke (Salus Kade), Oliver Mellor (Egan Fisk), David Yip (Kennedy), Ginita Jimenez (Lajitta), Sean Connolly (Kenzie), Esther Ruth Elliott (Ollander), David Dobson (Avers), Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes), Sean Connolly (Tren/Radio Voice)


On board the star cruiser Amorist, the outcome of the war with the Daleks hangs in the balance.

Kade knows what he has to do, but has he been told the truth?

Agnes Landen, the officer in charge of the Earth Alliance’s Fearless program, believes that she’s found someone with the potential to become a hero. She must find a way to make him achieve that potential — whether he wants to or not…

The passenger liner Amorist is transporting Susan Mendes, the Angel of Mercy, through territory currently held by the Earth Alliance. A human slave named Ollander is getting them past the EA beacons by providing a human voice for the verification codes, but the Daleks have nevertheless detected an EA cruiser at extreme sensor range… and have opted to do nothing about it. Aboard the Amorist, Captain Avers and the navigator Kenzie have run away from the Daleks but have remained on board, hoping to find out what the Daleks’ mission is before they escape. They make contact with Ollander, and when she tells them that the Angel of Mercy is on board, they convince her to take them to Suz’s VIP suite so they can hide from the Dalek patrols. Moments after they enter, a Dalek arrives, but Suz ushers Avers and Kenzie into hiding and tells the Dalek that she and Ollander are the only humans present. The Dalek appears to be suspicious, but leaves anyway, apparently taking Suz’s word for it. Astonished by the power Suz has over the lower orders of Daleks, Ollander asks her if what Kalendorf says is really true, and Suz confirms it without going into specifics. Avers and Kenzie then emerge from hiding, but as they do so, Ollander glimpses something moving through the viewport. It’s impossible, but it seemed to be a man in a spacesuit…

The Fearless have been drifting through space under radio silence for months, scattered the length of three star systems and closing in on the Amorist via their suits’ nav-coms. Kade has begun to hallucinate that his late wife Lajitta is speaking to him, but when he reaches the rendezvous point, he pulls himself together long enough to realise that nobody else is here yet. He sends out a scrambled call to any Spacers in the vicinity, but despite its brevity, the Daleks detect the transmission. They are unable to decipher its contents, but trace its location to the ship’s rear exhaust vents, and, assuming that the transmission is from an unmanned probe, they fire up the engines to burn it out. Kade barely makes it clear in time, and when the other Spacers find him, he’s holding a delirious conversation with his late wife, who is apparently telling him how to repair his damaged suit’s systems. He pulls himself together again, and learns that Fisk, Kennedy, and eight other Spacers are here — meaning that only 11 out of 25 have survived the journey.

Avers and Kenzie are plotting to escape from the Amorist, but have yet to come up with a workable plan when they hear odd sounds coming from outside the cabin. The Spacers have activated their sensor dampeners, but the Daleks have picked up some stray signals nonetheless and send a Dalek out to investigate why the ship’s rear visual scanners have suddenly stopped working. The Spacers have identified six Daleks and four humans on board, and Kade orders his men to burn through the hull and depressurise the ship, any humans on board are, like the Angel of Mercy, traitors who deserve to die for helping the Daleks. The Dalek scout then arrives on the scene, and although the Spacers manage to destroy it, they’ve lost the element of surprise — and Fisk’s atmospheric reserve tank is destroyed in the fighting, meaning that he won’t be able to return even if they complete their mission. Nevertheless, the Spacers spread out and get to work burning through the ship’s hull.



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  • The Fearless Part Three was the third instalment of Dalek Empire IV The Fearless
  • David Sax (Tanlee) is a pseudonym for Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks).
  • This audio drama was recorded on 16, 17, 18, 23 and 24 July 2007.

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