Invasion of the Daleks

Invasion of the Daleks
Invasion of the Daleks

Regular Cast

Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes), Mark McDonnell (Alby Brook), Gareth Thomas (Kalendorf), Jon Wadmore (Pellan), Joyce Gibbs (Narrator), Ian Brooker (Admiral Cheviat/Ed Byers/Roboman), David Sax (Tanlee), Nicholas Briggs & Alistair Lock (Daleks)


The Milky Way is at peace.

After centuries of struggle, the Earth Alliance has been created and all is well.

Then, without warning, The Daleks launch their invasion.

An invasion which threatens to tear apart the fabric of our entire galaxy…



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  • Invasion of the Daleks was the first story in The Dalek Empire I audio series produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • Although he is a human, Alby has never been to Earth. Suz tells him that he should not bother visiting it.
  • Alby is an Earth Alliance B-grade security operative who was sent to Vega VI six months earlier to meet Kalendorf, one of the Knights of Velyshaa, in the hopes of opening up negotiations to form a defence pact against The Daleks.
  • The Dalek Supreme tells Suz of the Human Factor, which distinguishes humans from The Daleks. (The Evil of the Daleks)
  • Kalendorf mentions the war between the Earth Alliance and the Knights of Velyshaa in the 36th century, which concluded in Earth’s favour in 3562. (The Sirens of Time)
  • Suz’s grandmother lives on Earth and regularly sends her homemade pickled one editions.

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