The First Doctor Adventures Volume 5

The First Doctor Adventures Volume 5
The First Doctor Adventures Volume 5

Regular Cast

David Bradley (The Doctor), Claudia Grant (Susan), Jemma Powell (Barbara Wright), Jamie Glover (Ian Chesterton), Nicholas Asbury (William Shakespeare), Liane-Rose Bunce (Lady Penelope Rich / Hawker), Ian Conningham (Robert Devereaux, Earl of Essex / Lord Cecil), Lauren Cornelius (Judith Shakespeare), Wendy Craig (Queen Elizabeth I), Susie Emmett (Sissy Cruciatu), Amanda Hurwitz (Mummy Martial / Computer Voice), Phil Mulryne (Bruddle Medicus / Guard 2), Phyllida Nash (Brooskin), Clive Wood (Daddy Dominus / Clubwell / Guard 1)


Two brand new adventures for the First Doctor.

5.1 The Hollow Crown by Sarah Grochala

When the TARDIS lands in Shoreditch, 1601, The Doctor suggests going to see a play at the Globe Theatre and his friends readily agree.

But this is a turbulent time. There is violence in the street, plots against the Queen, and rebellion is in the air. At the centre of it all stands the most famous playwright in British history – William Shakespeare – who is having troubles of his own.

As tensions mount and wheels turn within wheels, the travellers are about to discover if the play really is the thing…

5.2 For the Glory of Urth by Guy Adams

The TARDIS has barely landed in an alien sewer when a distant scream sends Susan racing to give aid, and the crew split up.

Trying to reunite, the travellers find themselves in something resembling a monastery led by a man half-way between an Abbot and a warlord. They discover that they are in ‘Urth’, a barbaric place clinging on to its former glory.

It’s somewhere its populace are never allowed to leave, somewhere keeping many secrets from its people.

And today those secrets will be revealed…


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