Project Destiny

Project Destiny
Project Destiny

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Philip Olivier (Hex), Stephen Chance (Sir William Abberton), Maggie O’Neill (Captain Lysandra Aristedes), Philip Dinsdale (Sergeant Jarrod), Ingrid Oliver (Helen/Oracle)


1999: Leaving her infant son behind, a young mother named Cassandra Sch ofield departs Bolton, seeking a better life amid the lights of London.

2004: Despite the best efforts of the time-travelling Doctor, “Cassie” Sch ofield dies on Dartmoor, a vampirised victim of the sinisterorganisation called the Forge.

2021: All grown up, and a nurse at St Gart’s Hospital, Thomas Hector Sch ofield, known as “Hex”, meets and becomes a companion to that time-travelling Doctor… but remains unaware that his alien friend knew his mother, and watched her die.

1854: In the Crimean War, Hex takes a bullet, and is seriously injured. The Doctor promises to return him to St Gart’s.

2025: Now. In a London ravaged by a deadly contagion… destiny awaits



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  • Project Destiny was the one-hundred-and-thirty-ninth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions
  • The Doctor’s files concerning “Project: Twillight” are listed under “T” in the TARDIS’ filing cabinet.
  • Ace looks for the TARDIS key in the cubby-hole above the “P” in “Police Box” on the roof of the TARDIS.
  • Ingrid Oliver would later play the role of Osgood in The Day of the Doctor.
  • The Seal of Rassilon is displayed above the inner doors of the TARDIS as is seen in The TV Movie, confirming that the console room now looks as it did in the TV Movie.
  • Ace refers to Nimrod as “Dracula” and to Lysandra as “Rambo”.

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