Bev Tarrant



Bev Tarrant



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Genocide Machine


Dust Breeding
The Bellotron Incident
Death and the Daleks
Summer of Love
The Judas Gift
The Wake
Glory Days
Resurrecting the Past
Escaping the Future
Many Happy Returns
Adorable Illusion
The Fall
Careless Talk
Five Dimensional Thinking
Fear of Corners
Paths Not Taken
Passing Storms
Misplaced Spring
Final Draft
The Purpura Pawn
On Trial
Hiding Places
Inappropriate Laughter
Siege Mentality
Dead Mice
Acts of Senseless Devotion
Night of the Living Martian
The God Gene
Showing Initiative
A Murderous Desire
One of My Turns
After Life
Work in Progress
The Tears of Laughter
Outside the Wall
The Inconstant Gallery
Perspectives: Quire as Folk
Cabinets of Curiosities
Grey’s Anatomy
Perspectives: Forging a Bond
The Two-Level Effect
Perspectives: Intermissions
False Security
The Painting on the Stair
The Cost for a Collection
Perspectives: The Injured Party
Mother’s Ruin
Future Relations
The Empire Variations

Main Voice Actor:

Louise Faulkner


A native of the 42nd century, Beverly “Bev” Tarrant was a member of an illegal salvage team sent to investigate a mysterious ziggurat on Kar-Charrat, actually a Dalek hibernation unit.

While the rest of her team were killed, she met the Seventh Doctor and Ace during the mission. She survived the encounter with the Daleks and the destruction of the Kar-Charrat library. (The Genocide Machine)

Afterwards she headed off on her own. She made a living as an art thief until ending up stranded on Duchamp 331, a dustball of a planet, after her ship’s hyperdrive burnt out. Here she once again encountered The Doctor and Ace. She helped them to defeat The Doctor’s old foe, The Master, before leaving with them aboard the TARDIS. (Dust Breeding)

She travelled with them for some time, before eventually being “dumped” in the 26th century. She resumed her old ways as a thief. She made her way through the galaxy this way for almost a decade, striking up various brief partnerships with other thieves (The Judas Gift) until she took one particular job that had unexpected consequences. While visiting the planet Bellotron to steal a burial urn, she was captured and examined by Rutans, one of whom took on her appearance and used her identity. She met Professor Bernice Summerfield, and when they both discovered their mutual acquaintance with The Doctor, Bev accompanied Bernice back to the Braxiatel Collection. (The Bellotron Incident)

Bev developed a sense of belonging during the Collection’s occupation by the Fifth Axis. (Life During Wartime) She became a member of the resistance, plotting against the Fifth Axis and undergoing torture after she was captured. She was rescued by Joseph the Porter. (Death and the Daleks) After the occupation Bev became a member of the staff, serving at first as a P.A. to Irving Braxiatel himself, before eventually replacing him as Director of the Collection when the Time Lord was forced to leave. (The Tartarus Gate)

Bev’s time at the Collection came to an abrupt end when the Draconians sent an diplomatic party to supposedly foster an alliance with them. It was actually a ploy to deliver a ceremonial item. The item, a gauntlet later revealed to be the “Judas Gift”, was presented to Bev and after putting it on, she fell into a brief coma and was forced to relive her memories of her time as a thief. She had fallen in love with a man named Ethan, only to be betrayed by him, and she had left him to die. It was revealed that the Draconian ambassador, Kothar, had familial ties with Ethan and was seeking revenge. Bev faked her own death aboard a shuttle and escaped the Collection, leaving a farewell message to everyone aboard the Collection, warning them that someone was using the Draconians for their own ends. She left a goodbye for her lover, Adrian Wall, asking Bernice to meet her at a specific place. Braxiatel discovered this message but neglected to pass it on, since it was his own manipulations that were affecting the whole Draconian/Mim conflict. (The Judas Gift)

Bev assisted Bernice Summerfield in fleeing the Collection with her son Peter, following the death of her husband Jason Kane. (The Wake)

She rescued Adrian Wall, who was being held captive by Braxiatel, and the two went into business together. She sent Bernice a message to help on a daring raid on Vingus Bank and Braxiatel’s personal vault. She had to pretend to be a pornographic actress to get in the bank. In the safety deposit box, she was almost caught but her role playing meant she could think of the number of the actress’ box. She was the notorious criminal the Matted Stoat and was raiding utility firms in order to cut the bank off to get into the vault. (Glory Days)

When Braxiatel’s mechanoids began kidnapping people around the galaxy Bev joined Adrian, Bernice, Peter and Robyn in their search for the truth. They traced the kidnappings back to a hidden location on the Moon and discovered that Doggles was responsible for controlling the mechanoids. Bev was knocked unconscious by Robyn when the android discovered what Braxiatel’s plans were. (Resurrecting the Past)

Bev then took a responsibility on the Collection too look after the refugees so that they were protected from the Deindum. She with Adrian, Benny, Peter and Doggles went to the Deindum ship to rescue Brax from their clutches so that they could use his knowledge to defeat them. (Escaping the Future)

In the wake of the Deindum War, Bev and Adrian got married, spending their honeymoon on Valentine’s World. They set up and became the leaders of a refugee camp on the planet. She later became pregnant with several Killoran pups. (Adorable Illusion)


Bev had scars from her torture by the Fifth Axis. She grew her hair and fingernails in order to hide them. (Misplaced Spring)

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