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Bernice Books Guide
The Dead Men Diaries
The Doomsday Manuscript
The Gods of the Underworld
The Squire’s Crystal
The Infernal Nexus
The Glass Prison
A Life of Surprises
The Big Hunt
A Life Worth Living
A Life in Pieces
The Tree of Life
Genius Loci
Collected Works
Old Friends
Nobody’s Children
Secret Histories
Present Danger
The Weatheron Versimmon
The Slender-Fin
Adorable Illusedition

The characterof Professor Bernice Summerfield – a hard-drinking, wise-cracking archaeologist – originally appeared as a companion to The Doctor in the 1992 New Adventure novel Love and War by Paul Cornell. Bernice (Benny to her friends) proved an immediate hit with fans, and went on to appear in over 60 subsequent New Adventures, eventually becoming the starof the books after Virgin lost the rights to publish Doctor Who fiction in 1997.

Eventually, declining sales led Virgin to stop publishing the New Adventures in late 1999, but all was not lost for Bernice fans. Big Finish, producers of the BBC-licenced New Audio Adventuresresurrected her to star in her own series of books, the first of which appeared in September 2000. The 27 books in the series so far are listed below, split roughly equally between full-length novels and collections of short stories.

Bernice is also currently starring in her own range of Big Finish audio dramas. For more information on these continuing series, visit the official Big Finish website at

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