The Stone’s Lament

The Stones Lament

The Stone’s Lament

Regular Cast

Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield), Harry Myers (Adrian Wall), James Lailey (Bratheen Traloor)


Benny and Adrian Wall are on their way to the planet Rhinvil, which is unoccupied apart from the former actor Bratheen Traloor. Very little is known about the planet, which is why Traloor chose it for his retirement, however, while building a new extension for Traloor’s mansion, Adrian’s crew unearthed an unusual stone artefact, and Traloor has invited Benny to take a look at it. The journey is tense, as Benny is pointedly trying to avoid talking about what recently happened between her and Adrian — or rather, what happened between Adrian and the alien sorceress who had possessed Benny’s body at the time. As their shuttle enters the atmosphere, it is jolted by a surprisingly fierce storm, which almost seems to be trying to bring them down deliberately. They fly through it, and emerge over Traloor’s mansion, but to Adrian’s surprise, all of the expensive earth-moving equipment has been left out in the rain and there’s no sign of his workers. Benny’s flippancy about the missing workers angers Adrian, and she realises that she’s being too hard on him. She checks out the marvellous ocean view while Adrian tries to get the equipment under cover, but experiences a strange dizzy sensation, and almost goes over the cliff before Traloor arrives and pulls her back from the edge…

Written By: Mike Tucker

Directed By: Ed Salt


  • The Stone’s Lament was the eighth Bernice Summerfield audio story produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 27 August 2000.
  • This was the first audio story to feature Adrian Wall and Bernice.
  • The”Hi, my friends call me Benny” dialogue has been removed from the opening theme tune.
  •  It featured for the first time in audio form the Killoran, Adrian Wall, played by Harry Myers.


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