The people of Bellania II see their sun, Bel, shrouded in night for a month following an impossible triple eclipse. When Bel is returned to them a younger, brighter, hotter star, it is the beginning of the end for the entire solar system…
100, 000 years later, The Doctor and Sam arrive on Bellania IV, where the population is under threat as disaster looms – immense gravitationaland dimensional disturbances are surging through this area of space.

While the time travellers attempt to help the survivors and ease the devastation, a religious suicide-cult leader is determined to spread a new religion through Bel’s system – and his word may prove even more dangerous than the terrible forces brought into being by the catastrophic changes in the sun…


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  • Beltempest was the seventeenth BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Eighth Doctor and Samantha Jones. It is author Jim Mortimore’s only contribution to the EDA range.
  • The Doctor likes chocolates with s oft centres.
  • The Doctor wonders if the TARDIS is taking them to planets with odd suns. The previous book The Janus Conjunction also featured an odd sun.
  • The Doctor uses an emergency button from a sandminer to control a generator for his gramophone.

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