Affiliated With:

Faction Paradox


Panda and the Airship


Belle was a member of Faction Paradox who had numerous encounters with Iris Wildthyme. Belle was not an enemy of Iris, but a “perverse” reflection. She had long black hair, brown eyes, and a tendency to wear red clothing. Her Faction Paradox mask was painted with blood.

Belle’s third encounter with Iris involved a small government that was “mucking up local contexts” by itself. Iris assumed that Belle had interfered with the government and she threw some gin at Belle’s face. Belle would not forgive Iris for this.

Sometime later, Belle chose to get back at Iris while they were having drinks at a pub. While Iris was recovering from a hangover, Belle conducted a ritual which fused Panda with the Celestial Airship. (Panda and the Airship)

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