Beep the Meep



Beep the Meep

Main Aliases:

The Meep,
The Most-High





First Appearance:

Doctor Who and the Star Beast

Other Appearances:

Party Animals
A Life of Matter and Death
Star Beast II
Beep the Meep gets 3000 years
Who on Earth is… Beep the Meep
We Are Family
The Ratings War
Doctor Who and the Star Beast
The Star Beast
The Star Beast

Main TV Actor:

Cecily Fay

Main Voice Actor:

Toby Longworth

Other voice Actors:

Bethan Dixon Bate
Miriam Margolyes


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Beep – also known as Beep the Meep – was the leader of the Meeps and a galactic criminal who referred to himself as the Most-High.

In 1980, Beep led the Meep armada to conquer the galaxy, but they were defeated by the Wrarth Warriors. Fleeing, Beep was pursued to Earth. His neutron drive star cruiser crashed at the Blackcastle steel mills. He was found by Sharon Davies and Fudge Higgins, who assumed the cute creature was harmless and took him back to Fudge’s home. Beep used his ship’s black orb to take control of the people of Blackcastle to make them repair his ship. The Fourth Doctor sabotaged the engines and Beep was captured by the Wrarth Warriors. (Doctor Who and the Star Beast)

In 1995, Beep was released from prison, having convinced the parole board he had been rehabilitated. He returned to Blackcastle to retrieve his spare starship drive, but The Doctor trapped him in a Lassie film. (Star Beast II) A copy of the film was kept at the Wrarth Institute. (The Ratings War)

In the early 21st century, Beep convinced a girl from the Wrarth Institute to release him. He went to Earth and took over Roger Lowell, a television executive, and made him change his programming schedules to appeal to the lowest common denominator. His goal was to gain a massive viewing audience and hypnotise them with subliminal messages on Audience Shares and commands to kill on Beep and Friends. The Sixth Doctor stopped him by confronting Beep and claiming he already had disabled the subliminal messages. This enraged Beep so much that he tried to kill Lucy and Todd, the contestants on Audience Shares. The Doctor only had disabled Beep’s laser pistol, the subliminal message went out when it looked like Beep was murdering the contestants, turning the audience against him. Beep was arrested by security and Beep and Friends was never broadcasted. (The Ratings War)

The Doctor and Izzy Sinclair pursued Beep to another universe, where he attempted another hypnotic attack. Although Beep captured The Doctor, Izzy recruited Tom Baker to act as a distraction long enough for her to reprogram Beep’s machines and defeat him. (Action!)


In winter of 2023, (The Star Beast) Rose Noble’s life changed when she “stumble[d] upon something alien”. (We Are Family). This “something alien” was the Meep, who had crash-landed into a London steel mill while fleeing the Wrarth Warriors. Planning to escape the pursuing foes, the Meep brainwashed several UNIT soldiers using black star energy to turn them into the Meep’s Soldiers of the Psychedelic Sun. According to this account, the Meep and the Doctor had never met before. The Meep then tricked the Fourteenth Doctor and the Noble family into helping the Meep escape.

Once the Meep’s deception was exposed, the Meep killed Zogroth and Zreeg before preparing to escape using a double-bladed dagger drive, which would destroy all of London in the process. Following the Meep’s defeat by The Doctor and the DoctorDonna, with Rose reversing the Meep’s brainwashing of the soldiers, the Meep was taken into custody to be imprisoned for 10,000 years, with the deaths that had occurred during the incident being included in the Meep’s litany of crimes. Before being teleported away, the Meep swore to escape and claim revenge, stating that “a creature with two hearts is such a rare thing” and that he would tell “the Boss”. (The Star Beast)


Years later, when a Vortex parasite attacked The Doctor’s TARDIS, it summoned images of the Doctor’s enemies, including Beep. (A Life of Matter and Death)


Beep was a sadist, enjoying inflicting pain on others for no real purpose. He resented being thought of as cute, but used it to his advantage when manipulating people. He also disliked other cute things and would go out of his way to destroy them. (The Ratings War)


In a parodic appearance, Beep was interviewed in Doctor Who Magazine 419 by Ken Book (a spoonerism for Ben Cook), celebrating thirty years since his first appearance in The Star Beast. The interview contained a clipping from Gallifrey Guardian of Beep’s trial after the events of the Star Beast. Beep hurled abuse at the jury and was given three thousand years imprisonment. Fifteen years later, Beep hacked off the judge’s leg and beat the judge to death with it. At the end of the interview, he tricked the interviewer into scratching behind Beep’s ear, allowing Beep to grab the recorder the interview was taped on, used it to produce a burst a sound of ultra-high-frequency sound to release his cuffs and took out a laser pistol from beneath his fur to kill the interviewer. Presumably, he escaped the prison after that.

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