Becka Savage

The Witchfinders



Becka Savage



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The Witchfinders

Main Actor:

Siobhan Finneran


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Becka Savage was the landlady of Bilehurst Cragg at some point in the early 17th century.
She, along with her cousin Willa, was raised by her grandmother. She later went on to marry the land ownerof Bilehurst Cragg. After her husband’s death, Becka took over as the village’s owner.

After cutting down a tree on Pendle Hill, she released the Morax imprisoned within it and was infected by their Queen. Blaming witchcraft, Savage falsely convicted many women in the village, leading to many deaths in witch trials. Eventually, the Queen took over her body and kidnapped King James to be possessed by their King. After the Queen’s plans were thwarted by the Thirteenth Doctor, she was killed by James with a torch made out of the Morax prison, the same tree she’d chopped down. (The Witchfinders)

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