Doctor Who At The BBC Volume 1

Doctor Who At The BBC Volume 1
Doctor Who At The BBC Volume 1


Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney take a journey through the archives and uncover the history of Doctor Who on BBC radio and television

Were you terrified of the Daleks? Has the familiar Doctor Who theme ever sent a shiver down your spine? Did Saturday teatimes once mean gathering around the television to see where the TARDIS had landed each week? If so, Doctor Who at the BBC is for you.

Nicholas Courtney (Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart in the series) traces the development of this incredibly successful series, which first hit our screens in 1963. As well as a galaxy of classic moments from the series, he introduces some of the great and good who helped make this series a national institution – including many of the actors who’ve played The Doctor and his companions, and some of the series’ most prolific writers and producers.

Meanwhile Elisabeth Sladen – The Doctor’s trusty assistant Sarah Jane – travels back in time to discover some little-heard radio gems. There’s a 1974 location report from Dartmoor, The Ed Stewart Show broadcast live from Longleat in 1983, Radio 1’s Newsbeat on the recovery of a missing episode, and rare interview footage with Terry Nation, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Mary Tamm, Douglas Adams and even the mutt-shaped K9. A wealth of comedy is also represented with clips from Hello Cheeky, Week Ending, The Skivers and Dead Ringers.

The TARDIS is waiting, and the Doctor’s friends are at the controls – so hop on for a ride, and revisit the scary and fantastic glory days of Doctor Who



Introduction by Elisabeth Sladen
30 Years, BBC Radio 2, 20th November 1993
Featuring: Verity Lambert, Jessica Carney, Brian Hodgson, Peter Purves, William Russell, Peter Davison, Terry Nation, John Scott Martin, Barry Letts, Frazer Hines, Terrance Dicks, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, John Nathan-Turner, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Katy Manning, Sophie Aldred. Presented by Nicholas Courtney


Today, BBC Radio 4, 8th January 1973
Featuring Michael Aspel
Today, Radio 4, 8th January 1973
Featuring, Dennis Frost and Terry Nation
Sunday Best, BBC Radio 4, 6th February 1972
Featuring, Brian Hoey with Terry Nation
Today, BBC Radio 4, 28th March 1972
Featuring, Heather Forrester
Profile, BBC World Service, April 1974
Featuring Jon Pertwee and Peter Hunt
Morning Sou’West, BBC Radio 4, south-West, 30th September 1974
Featuring, Robert Deere with Tom Baker, Philip Hinchcliffe
Exploration Earth, BBC Radio 4, 4th October 1976
Featuring, Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, John Westbrook
The Paradise of Death, BBC Radio 5, 19th September 1993
Featuring, Richard Pearce, Elisabeth Sladen, Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Peter Miles, Harold Innocent
Pete Murray’s Open House, BBC Radio 2, 29th August 1978
Featuring, Pete Murray, Tom Baker, Mary Tamm
Today, BBC Radio 4, 9th October 1980
Featuring, Andy Price, John Leeson, John Nathan-Turner
The Ed Stewart Show, BBC Radio 2, 4th April 1983
Featuring, Ed Stewart, Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, John Nathan-Turner
The Enthusiasts, BBC Radio 4, 11th December 1985
Featuring, Allan Smith
Hello Cheeky, BBC Radio 2, 21st April 1973
Featuring Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer, John Junkin
Week Ending, BBC Radio 4, 30th November 1990
Featuring, Sally Grace, Bill Wallis, David Tate, Ian Ashpitel
The Skivers, BBC Radio 4, 23rd February 1995
Featuring, Nick Golson, Tim de Jongh, Jon Pertwee, Melanie Giedroyc
Newsbeat 12:30, BBC Radio 1, 10th February 1999
Featuring, Phil Mercer
Today, BBC Radio 4, 13th November 1999
Featuring, James Naughtie, Douglas Adams, Tom Baker
Dead Ringers, BBC Radio 4, 7th January 2000
Featuring, Jon Culshaw
Blue Veils & Golden Sands, BBC Radio 4, 23rd December 2002
Featuring, sophie Thompson, Martin Hyder


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  • Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 1 was the first release in a series of Doctor Who at the BBC releases featuring made-for-audio features/documentaries released by BBC Audi
  • It was in January 2004 (according to the sleeve notes of Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 2), that BBC Audio launched a plea via the pages of the BBC Cult website, Doctor Who Magazine, SFX, Zone and others, for anyone with recordings of Doctor Who radio and features between 1963 and the present day to get in touch. The Doctor Who at the BBC series is a collection of such items.

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