Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?


Life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You just need to know where to look.

Maria wakes up to discover that everyone apart from her has forgotten Sarah Jane ever existed. As she tries to find out what has happened to her friend, Maria gets caught up in a bizarre twist of time. An alien creature changed events in Sarah Jane’s past, imprisoning her in some kind of limbo. Will her friends be able to rescue her and set time back on the right course…?


In 1964 Sarah Jane and Andrea were supposed to be going to the Westport Geological Museum but sneaked off.
Andrea wanted to make loads of money, marry Ringo Starr and move to Saint-Tropez.
Robbie Chang was a friend of Maria Jackson.
In Andrea Yates’ World, Chrissie Jackson had dumped Ivan after Andrea Yates saw him snoggging Lorraine Groom outside the Conservative Club. Chrissie started to date Ricardo.
Andrea mentions a Triffid.
Clyde Langer mentioned the film Armageddon.
Mrs Jeffers is the teacherof Andrea and Sarah Jane.
Maria, Alan, Clyde, Sarah Jane and Luke visit the Ealing Palace Park.
Sarah Jane reads the book An Unexpurgated History of the Universe.
Andrea Yates visits Kenya.

Deviations from the televised story

The novelisation features a specially written prologue. It describes the events of the school trip leading to young Sarah Jane and Andrea Yates meeting Maria and the incident at the pier. This is shown on screen.

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