Invasion of the Bane

Invasion of the Bane
Invasion of the Bane


Life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You just need to know where to look.

Maria’s fascinated by her new neighbour, Sarah Jane Smith — she’s a journalist, but she also helps aliens! After a visit to the Bubble Shock factory, Sarah Jane and Maria’s lives change forever when they meet the Archetype. But why is everything he does so strange? And what does he have to do with Bane, the mysterious organic ingredient in Bubble Shock?


Maria Jackson thought that there was something spooky about Sarah Jane Smith’s house. It had a touch of Dracula’s castle.
When Davey told Kelsey Hooper that the Bane Mother was his mother. Kelsey suggested that he should go to Jeremy Kyle if he really believed that.
Sarah Jane Smith had a photo of a “fierce-looking Army officer with a clipped moustache “. Maria thought this might have been Sarah Jane’s father. Furthermore there was a photo of a “handsome square-jawed young man in a duffle coat. Maria thought he was Sarah Jane’s boyfriend.
Kelsey has a friend called Sakkim.
Sarah Jane thinks that the people who are controlled by Bubble Shock! look like zombies.
Ivan is some sort of city banker.

Deviations from the televised story

For some reason, Alan Jackson wishes for “Angela Jolie” to appear at his front door, instead of Angelina Jolie as he does in the televised version. This is an obvious typo.
Sarah Jane communicates with K9 via a monitor (which for some reason is kept in a safe), as opposed to the televised version which implies that the safe contains some sort of dimensional portal.
Mr Smith does not play a fanfare when he’s activated. (The Stolen Earth established that the musical cue heard in the show whenever the computer was summoned actually is heard by the characters.)

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