Eye of the Gorgon

Eye of the Gorgon
Eye of the Gorgon


Life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You just need to know where to look.

Bea, a resident of a retirement home, is being haunted by a ghostly nun. When Sarah Jane, Luke and Maria investigate, they’re surprised to find that Bea has had just as many intergalactic adventures as Sarah Jane. But they’re not the only ones who are interested in the souvenirs from her travels. What do the Sisterhood want from Bea? And what are they protecting?


Edith Randall has a Toby jug collection.
Clyde Langer says that by the time that he was forty he would get his brain inside a robot and live forever. Sarah Jane Smith shakes her head as this, reminded of the Cybermen, who could do that. She has encountered them before and does not like to think about them.
Sylvia Gribbins thinks that St Agnes Abbey was “a long way off anything in The Sound of Music” and the nuns don’t remind her much of Julie Andrews, either.
The TV at the community room at the Lavender Lawns Rest Home blew up half an hour before the latest Coronation Street wedding.
Luke and Clyde play the video game Alien Devastation 3.
Sister Helena reminds Clyde a little bit of Claudia Schiffer.
Bea Nelson-Stanley sings On A Slow Boat To China.
Sarah Jane mentions the Greek poet Homer.
On Bea Nelson-Stanley’s old player the song Catch A Falling Star by Perry Como is played. Bea sways to the music. Later Bea listens to Bing Crosby.
Bea Nelson-Stanley and Edgar Nelson-Stanley saw wonderful things, among them people made of light, mermaids leaping with dolphins, and young Yetis frolicking in the snow.
In Greek mythology, Polydectes is a king and marries Perseus’ mother.
Jenny Randall is the daughter and Mark Randall the son of Edith Randall.
Mrs Pittman is Clyde’s history teacher.
The residents of the Lavender Lawns Rest Home watch Coronation Street.
At the time of the Reformation King Henry VIII declares himself as the head of the English church. Under his daughter Elizabeth I, priests and followers of the Catholic Church find themselves being persecuted.
The following character’s first names were mentioned: Mrs Randall -> Edith Randall, Mrs Gribbins -> Sylvia Gribbins

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