The Outlaw Planet


Barzilla was a human-populated planet. Sara Kingdom once used it as a decoy to attract a Dalek invasion force. The plan, authorised by the Space Security Service, was to lure The Daleks to Barzilla to prevent them from attacking “the Big Four”.

Sara made the semi-barren and largely defenceless world attractive to the Daleks by spreading a rumour that the planet’s leader, Harker Libra, and she had discovered a huge vein of gold in one of the planet’s abandoned diamond mines. This rumour got back to the Golden Dalek through one of The Daleks’ humanoid spies. Because The Daleks saw the acquisition of wealth as a valid route to power, they were easily diverted to Barzilla — only to discover that the SSS had laid an effective trap for them. The entire Dalek fleet was annihilated.

Little was known about the planet outside of this incident. However, it had suffered from a nuclear attack some two thousand years before The Dalek invasion. This had rendered the planet less habitable. It was prone to long periods of drought because the nuclear bombardment had permanently changed the planet’s weather patterns. (The Outlaw Planet)

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