Place of Origin:

Tiermann’s World

First Seen In:

Sick Building


The Dreadful Flap
Enter Wildthyme
Wildthyme Beyond!
Iris Wildthyme and the Polythene Terror


Barbra (Enter Wildthyme, Wildthyme Beyond!, From Wildthyme with Love, Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Wildthyme) – sometimes spelled Barbara – (Sick Building, The Dreadful Flap, The Shape of Things) was a servo-furnishing vending machine. She was an operative at the Darlington branch of MIAOW and a companion of Iris Wildthyme. (Enter Wildthyme, Wildthyme Beyond!)


Barbra looked like a retro Sci-Fi vending machine, with a glass door on her front, with neon tubes inside, pushed to the side to accommodate for her shelves for the pop and crisps she preferred to stock. She had an small screen on her, so she could display various data when required, and hydraulic arms. (Enter Wildthyme)


Barbra was originally from either the 35th (The Dreadful Flap) or 59th century, from a place known as the Showo’m. (Enter Wildthyme)

She helped the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones defeat the Voracious Craw. The Doctor then dropped heroff at Spaceport Antelope Slash Nitelite to start a new life. (Sick Building)

Barbra fell through the Dreadful Flap to Earth when Spaceport Antelope Slash Nitelite was destroyed. Iris Wildthyme found her and made a new life for her in Darlington, working for MIAOW. (The Dreadful Flap)

In the 2010s, Barbra was assigned to investigate a creature causing havoc on the East Coast Line. Barbra was meant to go undercover as a regular vending machine at a railway platform, but she messed up by trying to start conversations with people waiting for trains. After this failure, Barbra was confined to the Darlington MIAOW base. She was fearful of MIAOW as she thought they would dismantle her for small parts. She eventually escaped the base and made her way to Iris’ bus. When they travelled to Valcea she didn’t know her own strength when they were attacked by a glass rhino, as she killed it by mistake. The human colonists were fearful of her as she had something in common with the new gods. The Glass Men revered her as a god. She later discovered that the Barman had placed a bomb in her to destroy the new gods. Iris tried to disarm it but couldn’t and abandoned her to her fate. Luckily Euphemia managed to and she escaped with Euphemia and Jenny Winterleaf to Hyspero. (Enter Wildthyme)

When the crew of the bus when exploring through the desert of Hyspero, she was tasked with hunting for food for them. (Wildthyme Beyond!)

Barbra left Iris Wildthyme a tape of the Rachmaninov third piano concerto. (Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Wildthyme)

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