Barbara Taploe



Barbara Taploe



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The Devil of Winterborne

Main Actor:

Charmian May


Barbara Taploe was the Head of History at Winterborne School. She was hired by Whittaker, whom she felt she never got to know very well beyond his obsession for the school and his love for his dog Monty, and taught for a number of decades. She lived on the grounds with her dog Badger and always felt that the Whitsun holiday was far too short a time to go anywhere. She was married.

Mrs Taploe was still teaching at the school in 1995, by which time Gavin Purcell was headmaster. Andrew Powell, Christian Purcell, Luke Pendrell and Georgie found Badger’s brutalised body in the woods and showed her, causing her great upset. She was questioned about Whittaker by Liz Shaw of P.R.O.B.E. after he was found dead and was made acting headmistress once Purcell was arrested. She offered to drive Christian home when he said that he was leaving and, in the process, found Badger’s collar in his suitcase. He stabbed her and Liz found the body whilst looking for Andrew. (The Devil of Winterborne)

Mrs Taploe’s twin sister Margaret Wyndham later became headmistress, hoping for answers to her sister’s murder. She avenged her by destroying Isaac Greatorex. (Ghosts of Winterborne)

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